Specialized Services

Troubleshooting, turnarounds and general advice.
Is your vehicle using excessive fuel?
Is your differential housing sufficiently filled with oil?
Lost power due to turbo problems?
Is a major service overdue?
Are you aware of possible mechanical failure due to fatigue?
Does your vehicle fully comply with the required road worthiness?

Routine Maintenance

For a variety of reasons, regular servicing of vehicles is very often overlooked and sometimes avoided. The cost of such oversight can often turn out to be far more expensive than performing routine maintenance. We specialize in assisting our clients in this regard.

We will also best assist you in assessing routine items such as:

  • Cam-shaft belt replacement
  • Worn or damaged side shafts
  • Side shaft covers
  • Blocked or damaged fuel lines
  • Leaking problems
  • Overheating problems
  • Worn CV Joints

These situations can arise quite suddenly or develop over a period of time and can usually affect the vehicle in many different ways.

Engine Rebuilding

Often the complete unexpected is encountered and complete engine failure is the end result. This is any vehicle owners nightmare as repair costs are high. We offer our customers complete peace of mind by ensuring that we are able to collect your damaged vehicle and return it to our workshop where we are able to best assist in such needed situations.

The areas of major concern:

  • analysis of damage to engine
  • evaluation of labour cost and parts replacement cost done on-site
  • we will arrange all engineering if required
  • source for replacement parts to be sent to us
  • assemble, rebuild, refit and test engine
  • provide a detailed breakdown of all replacement parts and costs associated with the engine rebuild process

We pride ourselves in returning your vehicle back to you in full working condition so that your daily routines may return back to normal without the fuss.

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